UnHide or restore “Save and New” button in CRM 2013.


Hi Guys,

You might be wondering why MS have deprecated Save & new in CRM 2013?  Do you?

Well, Here is some information about it.

Save and New is not deprecated in 2013, But it is hided in CRM 2013. And it very easy to bring it back by customizing ribbon enable rules.

1. Open Ribbon work bench. And open the solution which contains the entity for which you want to bring back Save & New.

2. After opening select the entity from Entities.

3. Click on ribbon and Select Form.


4. Select Save & new , right click on it and click customize Command.


5.  in commands select button command which is used for Save & New.


6. Click on Display rules in right side. It will open a popup with display rules.

display7. Select HideOnCommand Bar and click on Remove. This is how you click once you remove.


8. Click ok and Publish the solution.

9. You should be able to see Save & New button on your entity.


Happy Customizing..!

Hope it helps some one.

Thank you,

Sreeni Pavalla

5 comments on “UnHide or restore “Save and New” button in CRM 2013.”

    1. Great Post! In Step 4, “Customize Button” did not work for me. I had to click “Customize Command” instead.

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