Month: September 2014

Error :The provided uri did not return any Service Endpoints! with Plugin Registrattion tool CRM 2011

Hi , As i need to register my Custom workflow with plugin registration tool , I have opened it , provided all the details and entered password. I got a strange error… The provided uri did not return any Service Endpoints! Then i found solution for this on web .. Simply recycle the CRMAppPool.  I

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Command(Ribbon) button Enable rules behavior in CRM 2013

Hi Guys, Here is an interesting fact about ribbon behavior in CRM 2013. With the command bar, commands that are disabled are hidden. With the ribbon, commands that are disabled are visible but do not respond to events. Recently i have created a ribbon button through Ribbon-work bench and used Custom JavaScript enable rule on

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Persist CRM 2013 Recently viewed items on closing browser

Hi, This article talks about persisting recently viewed items after you log in. As we know that , we will loose recently viewed items history on closing of browser, here is a small setting which will persist them. If it is IE, uncheck “Delete browser history on exit”. So that it will not delete the history and items

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