Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)



Here is the way to Update advanced settings. Fro example: Default batch size of Execute multiple request is 1000, In some cases we may need to update to more than 1000.

It can be updated through


Here is the complete code which can help you.

DeploymentServiceClient service = Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Deployment.Proxy.ProxyClientHelper.CreateClient(new Uri(“http://crmtest/XRMDeployment/2011/Deployment.svc”));

RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest request3 = new RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest()
ConfigurationEntityName = “Deployment”, ColumnSet = new ColumnSet(false)
RetrieveAdvancedSettingsResponse response3 = (RetrieveAdvancedSettingsResponse)service.Execute(request3);
ConfigurationEntity configEntity = response3.Entity;

ConfigurationEntity entity = new ConfigurationEntity();
entity.LogicalName = “Deployment”;
entity.Attributes = new Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.DeploymentAttributeCollection();
entity.Attributes.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, object>(“ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize”, 50000));

UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest request2 = new UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest();
request2.Entity = entity;

Thank you,

Sreeni Pavalla

5 comments on “Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)”

    1. In case, if more than 1000 records need to be executed, then you can change. My intention was to explain different advanced settings available.

      I need to think of exact use case

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