CRM 2015 XRM Tool box – Do everything with it !!!!

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Recently one of customer asked us to give attributes list of each and every entity and other things like.

  •  Enabled for Advanced find
  • Enabled Field Level Security
  • Location on form
  • Data type

Then we found an article which with few details which can be done through XRM tool box.

We have been using XRM tool box from several days.. But we are not aware that this will come handy to fullfill our requirement.


There is something called.. Metadata Document generator which will pull all the attributes and its other properties like below

Click on  Retrieve entities and languages which will list you all the entities in the sysytem.


Select entities for which you want to generate the document with attributes and other properties, before that specify the location of the file where it should generate.

Check the checkbox like Audit, field level security and others as per your requirement.


Click on Generate document. Then open the excel once you get successful confirmation.


You have everything in few minutes. Thats the beauty of XRM tool box.

Will post more articles on XRM tool box. Your suggestions or comments are highly appreciated..

Thank you,

Sreeni pavalla

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