Kanban View Finally in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 1 Feature

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Hello Team,

Dynamics 365 has finally came up with look alike “Kanban View” which used to be a fancy view in Salesforce.

What is Kanban View?

Kanban view lists out all the records in visual summary which will help the teams to monitor your work by seeing all the records in one place.

This feature has been incorporated as part of 2020 Wave 1 release to support the below entities.

  • Opportunity
  • Activities

How do you configure/Enable Kanaban View?

Configuring Kanban view is very simple.

I will show how to add Kanban View on Activity entity.

To do that,

  1. Go to customization, Select the entity(1)

2. Click on Controls(2)

3. Click on Add Control and Select Kanban

3. Publish the entity

4. Go to activities, and go to …(elipse) to see Kanban view as below

Hope this helps to start on Kanban.

Happy Coding…

Thank you,

Sreeni Pavalla

Go through below link for 2020 Wave 1 features


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