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Hello Everyone,

.As usual, I have started my day reaching office, finished my immediate and priority work and started thinking what to learn today.

After couple of minutes, “I got a message from one of my friends Saying

After Oct classic mode will not be available . Then what?

this is all about one of my posts

I was like.. What, why dint i think of it!!!

Then i realized that, no fun in wasting time to think.. and started researching and got this solution.

Users who logged in as admin also will not able to see the “Settings” from left hand side bar.


the answer for this is very simple, Go to settings, You will see some thing called as “Advanced Settings

Click on Setting Icon–> Advanced Settings

That will open a new window only with “Settings Screen” as below

Now you are able to see settings and you can customize as needed.

To know more about UCI, Go through this link

Thank you My friend.

Sreeni Pavalla

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