Power AI Builder- Basics

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Hello All,

I have been hearing about RPA and looked into different products.

As being a pro Microsoft, It was fortunate to learn that MS has similar features as part of power Automates AI Builder.

AI Builder will help in automating processes to reduce the effort spent on mundane activities and predict the outcome.

The best example of what I can think that can be put in best use is a company receive invoices on email which will be opened by the account/finance team, read them, and create records in finance systems such as Tally or Business Central, etc.

There are the below pre-built models that can be used by making a few configuration changes.

  • Business card reader model
  • Category classification model
  • Entity extraction model
  • Key phrase extraction model
  • Language detection model
  • Sentiment analysis model
  • Text recognition model
  • Text translation model

you can build Custom AI models and the options available are the below.

Category classification model: This model categorizes the text by its meaning so it’s easy to analyze

Entity extraction model: Recognize specific information about your business from data

Form processing model: read and save information different standard documents

Object detection model: Recognize and count things in images

Prediction model: Predict whether something will happen or not

The above custom models are available for all the regions. However, prebuild models are as per below.

I have recently done a POC to give a demo to customer on reading invoices and push them to Business Central. Will write a post soon on that.

Happy learning!!



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