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Navigate to settings from UCI

Hello Everyone, .As usual, I have started my day reaching office, finished my immediate and priority work and started thinking what to learn today. After couple of minutes, “I got a message from one of my friends Saying “After Oct classic mode will not be available . Then what?“ this is all about one of

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Timeline Improvements/Enhancements- 2020 Wave 1

2020 wave 1 adding colors to timeline on the record with rich formatting, Search filters and indicators. Below are the enhancements Text formatting Status of activity through an color indicator Overdue- Bright Red Active – Light Blue Closed- Gray Search for keywords on timeline (Filters) Hope this helps. Happy learning!! Thank you, Sreeni Pavalla

Kanban View Finally in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 1 Feature

Hello Team, Dynamics 365 has finally came up with look alike “Kanban View” which used to be a fancy view in Salesforce. What is Kanban View? Kanban view lists out all the records in visual summary which will help the teams to monitor your work by seeing all the records in one place. This feature

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Enable preview Features- 2020 Wave release 1

Hello Everyone, Microsoft dynamics 365, power platform release has very existing features. As a developer, you will not be able to see them in your trail version until you enable the features in Settings. To enable, the preview features, Please follow the below. Go to Select the environment 3. Click on manage and update

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Editable Grid – Dynamics 365 – MS CRM

Hi Guys, I have been hearing that Microsoft have introduced  Editable grids in Dynamics 365, Finally i kept hands on to give an attempt and composing this Post. Here are some intriguing things about Editable grid,   Inline editing of records at the entity or sub-grid level Web and mobile clients Navigation using a keyboard or mouse

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