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Top or New features in CRM 2015(VEGA)

Hi , Here are the new features of CRM 2015 new realese. It is named as VEGA. 1. Calculated Fields: To calculate few of the fields in CRM 2013 we used to do it through javascript or Business rules. in VEGA they have introduced concept called CALCULATED field. Add field as calculated field. You can

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Limitations of different CRM Concepts(CRM Online Vs On Premises , FetchXML, OData EndPoint and Advanced Find)

Hi Guys, I have been going through few articles,  I can see limitations of most of the concepts. Came up with an idea to incorporate all the limitations of CRM concepts which may help people who are new to CRM. The information is being grabbed from different resources. Limitations of Dynamics CRM Online Vs On

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